2021 Liberty Fall Festival

Liberty Fall Festival 2021 Vendor Application

Vendor applications will be available to returning vendors on June 1st and open to everyone on June 8th.

Thank you for your patience! We are working to develop an online application process & we want to make sure it's working smoothly.

Please check this page for future updates or contact the Chamber at 816-781-5200.

*** Liability Insurance – All vendors must be covered by liability insurance. ***
Vendors who have liability insurance must submit a certificate of insurance naming the Liberty Area Chamber of Commerce or Liberty Fall Festival as additional insured's during the festival dates. Certificates must be received with the application OR pay the insurance fee of $100 for inclusion in coverage by the festival.

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Contact us at 816.781.5200 or info@libertyfallfest.com if you have any questions.

Vendor Information

Payment Information

Vendor Fee: $ 525.00
Insurance Fee: $ 100.00
Grand Total: $ 525.00

2021 Liberty Fall Festival Vendor Agreement Please scroll all the way to the bottom

This is an application for vendor space at the 44th Annual Liberty Fall Festival, Sept. 24-26, 2021. Incomplete applications or those submitted without appropriate vendor fees, or proof of liability insurance will not be accepted for processing. 2020 Vendors in Good Standing may submit their applications beginning June 1, 2021. New applications & commercial applications from outside of Clay County will be reviewed beginning June 8, 2021. Upon approval an email with the tentative booth space information will be sent. The Chamber reserves the right to assign spaces and alter map layouts as deemed necessary.


a) FESTIVAL: The Liberty Fall Festival
b) CHAMBER: The Liberty Area Chamber of Commerce, the sponsoring organization of the festival.
c) VENDOR(S): The organization, person, or entity contracting with the Chamber to participate as a vendor at the festival and their agents, employees, and volunteers.


Each VENDOR shall comply with the following rules and regulations, in addition to complying with any and all statutes and ordinances of the State of Missouri, County of Clay, and City of Liberty pertinent to the VENDORS participation in the festival, including, but not limited to, statutes and maintenance, and fire safety. The CHAMBER shall have the right to interpret the following rules and regulations; to amend or add such rules and regulations as in its discretion. Any violation shall result in immediate forfeiture of all rights of participation in the FESTIVAL and any monies paid to secure participation.


All VENDORS are required to present a $1,000,000 liability insurance certificate or pay the add’l fee to be included under the FESTIVAL policy. All certificates must list The Liberty Area Chamber of Commerce as an add’l insured. INSURANCE IS A SPECTATOR LIABILITY COVERAGE, NOT PROPERTY COVERAGE. The CHAMBER and City of Liberty shall NOT be liable for any loss or damage to any merchandise or personal property in or about VENDORS booth.


All VENDORS shall be responsible for all sales tax obligations to the State of Missouri and/or the City of Liberty. Appropriate tax information will be provided to each VENDOR during check-in.


$100 deposit is required prior to the festival, in a separate form of payment (Check or Cash only). Any grease, charcoal or trash not disposed of properly will result in the deposit not being returned and jeopardize VENDORS participation in future FESTIVALS. ALL FOOD VENDOR APPLICATIONS MUST INCLUDE A COMPLETE MENU. Food permits are required from the Clay County Health Dept., 800 Haines Dr., Liberty, MO 64068. 816-595-4350. Food permits must be displayed at all times. PERMITS MUST BE OBTAINED BY AUGUST 28, 2021.


Direct sales, jewelry, clothing, household items, siding OR solicitation of business services, such who wish to promote their business or political party/candidate. The FESTIVAL will only allow two booths that advertise/sell the same products brand/line, such as: Mary Kay, Discovery Toys, Avon, etc. If your company only allows for ONE representative per venue, you must notify us in writing.


Items that are handmade by the VENDOR. This does not include items that are handmade & purchased for resale.


Defined as any organization that has a 501C(3) tax-exempt letter. THIS MUST ACCOMPANY ALL APPLICATIONS.


2019 VENDORS IN GOOD STANDING applications will be accepted beginning 6/1/21. New vendors and commercial vendors outside of Clay County will be reviewed beginning 6/8/21. All applications will be considered based on available space, quality of merchandise that reflects diversity and a festival atmosphere. VENDOR applications must include a list of product items offered in booth – no other items will be allowed in the booth space. If your application is approved you will receive an email with your tentative booth space information. However, if your application is not declined, your application and payment will be returned to you. The CHAMBER reserves the right to assign spaces and alter map layout as deemed necessary at any time.


No VENDOR should display for sale or otherwise materials which shall be deemed obscene, dangerous, or unlawful. Prohibited are items including, but not limited to, the following: drug paraphernalia and related items, butterfly knives, all knives, throwing stars, guns and brass knuckles. The CHAMBER will notify VENDOR of violation of this provision and permit removal of said items from the grounds.


All access to electricity must be purchased at the time the application is submitted. Electricity access is limited, all 20 amp service must use low voltage LED lighting systems. If during the FESTIVAL a VENDOR uses more power than contracted for, the VENDOR is at risk of losing access to electricity with no refund of fee. Generators are not allowed except through special permission of the CHAMBER. All VENDORS are responsible for supplying heavy weight, three conductor grounded extension cords an appropriate length to reach generators and outlets.


Dimensions – Booths are 10’ deep x 10’ wide. Food Booths are 10’ deep x 20’ wide. In the event a trailer is used as a booth, it must fit, including tongue, within booth space. Tables and tents are NOT provided. The CHAMBER reserves the right to remove a booth from the FESTIVAL if the booth is constructed in an unsafe manner.


VENDORS setup begins at 7 a.m. on Fri., Sept. 24th AFTER THEY HAVE CHECKED IN AND RECEIVED THE VENDOR PACKET AND VEHICLE TAGS. 2 DAY VENDORS' tear down begins at 9 p.m. on Sat., Sept. 25th. These times may be adjusted by the FESTIVAL committee should conditions warrant it.


EMPTY SPACES IMPACT THE FESTIVAL AND VENDORS NEGATIVELY. THE FESTIVAL WILL BE HELD, RAIN OR SHINE. ALL VENDOR BOOTHS MUST BE MANNED DURING ALL HOURS OF FESTIVAL OPERATIONS. In the event a VENDOR sells out of its product, said VENDOR shall nonetheless keep the booth open. VENDORS will confine their operations to the booth and shall not solicit business outside their booth. Subleasing of all, or any of the assigned booth space by the VENDOR is prohibited. VENDORS cannot permit another party to exhibit, promote in any manner, or take orders in the booth. No Smoking is permitted within the booths. Security will be available on Friday & Saturday evening. It is recommended that any items of value be removed from the festival grounds each evening.

Any VENDORS found not complying with the rules and regulations listed within this application/contract will be billed a compliance penalty in the amount of $100. Compliance penalties must be paid to the CHAMBER within 30 days of being notified and risk not being accepted in future events.


VENDORS shall be provided tags to allow entry of vehicle(s) through the barricaded boundaries of the FESTIVAL only before and after the hours of operation. All vehicles must be outside barricades one hour prior to FESTIVAL opening. Police and FESTIVAL security may limit access earlier if crowd conditions warrant. There is not a designated parking area for VENDORS.


VENDOR booths must be kept clean at all times. All refuse, rubbish, and garbage must be deposited in dumpsters provided.


VENDOR shall notify the CHAMBER in writing of intent to cancel this contract no later than July 15, 2021, to receive a 50% refund. No refunds are available after July 15, 2021. Late fees have been waived for the 2021 festival.

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The festival features 175 quality Arts and Crafts booths including original designs in a variety of art such as: textiles, wearable art, hand-crafted ceramics, decorative and functional wood, jewelry, leather, photography, paintings, drawings, prints, and metal work...

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